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Health & wellness

Growing up I use to always hear my grandma say " How important stress was and how it can affect not only your mind but your body as well. I never understood how much that meant, until the older I've gotten.  If you have a family history of illnesses mental and medical, please continue reading. Now is not the time to give up on yourself. If you don't begin to love yourself, you'll began to start letting go of yourself. Having a mental health & a healthy balance are requirements that's needed. You’ve probably heard the terms health and wellness tossed around, often interchangeably. Most people in our society use these words as though they mean the same thing. But there are actually some key differences between the two. Understanding the difference between Health and Wellness can help you get clarity on your goals, create a plan that makes sense for you, and start to build a quality of life that is sustainable and that you can do for a lifetime.

Health & Wellness

Health is focused more on your physical body and how well-functioning it is—or is not. Your health involves the way you eat (your nutrition), how you move your body (exercise), and the absence of acute or chronic diseases. Wellness is more concerned with a lifestyle that produces well-being. A wellness lifestyle is doable whether you have perfect health or you’re struggling with a chronic illness. Wellness is about all aspects of your life, as well — your body, your work, your relationships, your emotional life, and so much more. Together, health and wellness can help you achieve a high quality of well-being. Focusing on wellness specifically can help you to also achieve good health for a lifetime.

What Is the Difference Between Health and Wellness?

While health focuses more on diseases, genetics, and illness (and, hopefully, the lack of health problems!), the concept of wellness is focused on digging into all areas of your life to continuously seek balance. You can also have physical health without enjoying physical wellness. Just because you’re not suffering from a major issue like heart disease or running to the doctor for aches and pains doesn’t mean that your body is fit and nourished. Before you set out to improve your health and wellness, it can be an effective strategy to go deep into understanding the why behind your goals. Sometimes goal setting and achieving can feel really challenging, so getting clear on your purpose and intention can help you keep with it.

Mental Health 

You could take exquisite care of your body, but if you haven’t addressed any mental blocks, mindset hang-ups, or past traumas, you might not be successful at overall well-being in the long run. You also nourish your mind through the choices you make in nourishing your body (the mind-gut connection is an important one to learn about!). Mental health is equally as important in your wellness journey as physical health is.

Emotional Health

Your emotions are part of your mental health, but they are a specific aspect of mental health to pay attention to. Just because you’ve resolved childhood traumas or poor mental patterns, it doesn’t mean that you’ve become emotionally.

Physical Health

Physical health is all about paying attention to your body. To improve your physical health, you might work with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner to identify illness or other issues. You might also just focus on eating a balanced diet and moving your body every day so that you don’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Physical health and vitality are a key cornerstone aspect of overall well-being.


California-First Time Applicants           California-Phlebotomy Certification Renewal

Louisiana-First Time Applicants           Lousiana-Phlebotomy Certification Renewal

Nevada-First Time Applicants              Nevada-Phlebotomy Certification Renewal

Washington-First Time Applicants       Washington- Medical Assistant License Renewal

 All states will require completion of phlebotomy continuing education credits (CEU's) in order to reinstate or get approved for phlebotomy certification renewal.

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